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Madam Lee
Vavalert has greatly improved my mentally handicapped son. He is now more mentally well and alert of his surroundings, more responsive to simple instructions, able to play simple games and express simple likes and dislikes. This is tremendous improvement and gives me inexpressible joy! Thanks to Vavalert!

Puan Fatimah
Sebelum ini, anak-anak saya yang berumur 12 tahun dan 13 tahun berasa letih dan muda lupa selepas pulang dari sekolah. Tetapi selepas mengambil Vavalert, anak-anak saya lebih bertenaga, cergas dan tidak senang terlupa, meningkatkan ingatan. Syabas saya ucapkan untuk produk ini. Saya berharap Vavalert boleh didapati dalam pek yang lebih besar iaitu 60 tablet sekotak.

(Previously my young children aged 12 and 13 years old, feel tired after back from school. They are forgetful but after taking Vavalert, my children more energetic, vibrant, and memory improved. I extend my congratulations for this product. I hope Vavalert available in larger pack of 60 tablets per box.)

My name is Alice from Penang and I have been consuming supplements which contributes to my healthy well being. As age catches up with me, I noticed that at times I tend to be absent minded. That was in beginning of last year and I was trying to source for a remedy for my forgetfulness. So without hesitation I ordered one box of Vavalert. I started to consume the chocolate products upon receipt. First month, second month went by without result but alertness was there. I did not give up hope and I began to notice that I can remember more things than before and it really lighten up my spirit. The memory keeps improving day by day until now. My word of advice for people of poor memory, please do not hesitate to consume Vavalert which not only improves memory but has no side effect.

Ms Corinne Chow
After my children consume Vavalert, I found that my son’s concentration has greatly improved and more focus on his study. He can concentrate on his study for longer period. Thanks to Vavalert!